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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - cocoon-block-slide
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 17:19:39 GMT
Stephan Michels wrote:

>>GUMP uses classes from the CVS, not from the jar files. Check CVS
>>version of the slide.
> Ahh, okay, bleeding edge ;-) I'll check this, thanks.

Yes. Gump is our 'bleeding edge' checker. This is why is so important. 
It gives us indications on where others are going and put pressure on 
them to keep things solid.

It's a contract solidity checker. Exactly what we needed.

Some believe that Gump is a nighly build system. It's *MUCH* more than this.

Kudos to Sam for having been able to stand against the pressure of 
making gump a 'build from stable jars' nighly build system. We would 
have all green lights, but much less cross-pollination between projects.

Given the amount of libraries that Cocoon depends upon, it's impressive 
we were even able to compile out of such a bleeding edge and even with 
block refactoring, only a few blocks were broken (only two are really 
broken! impressive)

It would be cool if gump listed the LOC of which project depend upon. I 
think Cocoon is probably reaching 1 million. 1 million lines of java 
code. Think about it! It's probably more than the entire JVM!

it's amazing we even compile ourselfs. having clean cocoon gump runs 
is... well.. almost a miracle.

Let's keep it so!


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