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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Cocoon Gump Status
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:55:32 GMT
It seems that we are converging toward a stable gump setup. This is very 
nice and very useful to help us solidify our contracts and make it 
visible for other projects underneath our food chain to watch us.

Currently, 6 blocks fail. I'm listing the problems

  - databases -> doesn't pickup mock classes
  - jsp -> doesn't pickup mock classes

these are going to be fixed as soon as I figure out what's wrong, but 
this appears a trivial fix. It could well be that latest gump run did a 
cvs update right before my fixes landed in CVS. So I'm going to wait for 
next gump run.

  - php -> requires PHPServlet to be setup. This needs to be added in 
Gump. Hopefully Sam will help us on this since he's the author of that 

  - web3 -> doesn't pickup mock classes + depends on Doug Lea 
concurrently library. I just found it on the gump repository so I'm 
adding this dependency right away.

the really broken ones are:

  - fop

  - slide

where we depend on classes now missing.

Does anybody know what's wrong with these packages and how hard it would 
be to solve the issues?



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