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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: Discussion of Flow Issues
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 03:57:06 GMT
Hi Marcus,

Those are very good questions. And I don't know the answer. See my 
response to Vadim about scopes and compiling scripts. We need to 
partition the scripts by application somehow.

What defines an application in Cocoon. For example, does each get a 
separate class loader? Is there a relationship to sitemaps?



Marcus Crafter wrote:
> Hi All!
> 	One thing I'd like to discuss a little bit more is the relationship
> 	between individual flow interpreter instances and sub/sitemaps.
> 	Currently, there's one flow interpreter instance created per
> 	sitemap. So, when operating within the one sitemap everything is
> 	fine - however it has some implications for larger applications
> 	that use subsitemaps, etc.
> 	The following:
> <map:flow language="JavaScript">
>   <map:script src="context://WEB-INF/flow.js"/>
> </map:flow>
> 	defines some javascript methods that are encapsulated within that 
> 	sitemap. It would be good if we had a nice way to promote the reuse of 
> 	any javascript methods that could be reused in a sub/sitemap (I
> 	suppose subsitemaps could just include a common script, but
> 	perhaps there's a more attractive way).
> 	Another area is scope. Global variables managed by 
> 	cocoon.createSession() are currently only available in the sitemap 
> 	they're defined in, essentially making them local to that sitemap.
> 	ie. if flow.js defines:
> var currentUser = null;
> function login()
> {
> 	// assuming valid user
> 	// create a session and store user object
> 	cocoon.createSession();
> 	currentUser = new User(username);
> 	// continue processing and send page
> }
> 	the currentUser reference is only available in the sitemap the
> 	flow.js was defined in. This means, subsitemaps have no reference
> 	to it in any way - something I would like to find a solution for if 
> 	possible.
> 	I think this was one area where Ugo (and I) were using manual session 
> 	manipulation to store cross sitemap data.
> 	Ovidiu and I once talked about the ability to inherit flow data/methods
> 	in subsitemaps, perhaps that's worth investigating a bit more ?
> 	Solving these implications would allow us to use flow to control
> 	an application at a higher level than just in one sitemap.
> 	What do you think ?
> 	Cheers,
> 	Marcus

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