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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Gump and CocoonDev
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:56:03 GMT
On 17/03/2003 14:06 Sam Ruby wrote:

> I still don't think I am communicating.  Let me try a specific example:

Yep, we weren't.

> bruno is in cocoondev, but his primary group is ot.  If he were to 
> create files in /usr/serverlocal/gump, by default, I couldn't change them.


> I'd like bruno's primary group to be cocoondev, or myself added to group 
> ot.  Or for bruno's primary group to be changed to something that you 
> would feel comfortable adding me to.

... which, given the number of projects (-> groups) and possible 
interrelations in-between means I would be better off putting all users 
in one group (i.e. cocoondev).

On icarus/daedalus, each user has its own group as a primary group. I 
assume the problem lives there, too, and that they solved this using 
sticky bits?

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