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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Continuation in objectModel, Was: Discussion of Flow Issues
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 02:45:27 GMT
Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> On 17/3/03 2:06, "Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:
>>Practical proposal:
>>* Add "flow-continuation" to the objectModel, and getter method to the
>>ObjectModelHelper, as a replacement for "kont" environment attribute.
> Read only properties of the "script" (global) ??? Or rather a function (I'd
> lean towards the first approach)...

In the flow script itself, "kont" is equivalent to the return value of 
sendPageAndWait() and "bean-dict" is equivalent to the second argument 
of sendPage*():

   var k = sendPageAndWait("someURI", bean);

In Xsp:

   <jpath:continuation> refers to the same object as "k"
   <jpath:value-of select='.'> refers to the same object as "bean"

In Velocity:

   $continuation refers to the same object as "k"
   $this refers to the same object as "bean"

In XMLForm:

   <xf:textbox ref="/">  ref="/" refers to the same object as "bean"
   <xf:submit id="next" continuation="forward"/> id will be overwritten 
with the same value as

>>* Add "flow-bean" to the objectModel, as a replacement for "bean-dict"
>>environment attribute.
> +1 :-)
> This raises a question... Do we want to keep the IDL sources in line with
> what's in the implementation (as it is right now) or do we want to work on
> an abstract model in IDL and then implement it?
> Maybe it would be a good idea to move everything as of the current
> implementation in a "cocoon.flow.javascript" module, keep that in sync with
> the implementation, hack around the "cocoon.flow" module, leaning towards a
> good design, and make those two models converge.
> How does it sound? Ideas?

Agree. I wrote the original IDL to reflect exactly what was in CVS. We 
should move that somewhere else and start designing the proper interfaces.



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