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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: calling Cocoon servlet from a external one
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 01:20:42 GMT
Josema Alonso wrote:

>Hi, all.
>I've found some documents at Wiki and some threads in the mailing list about
>integrating servlets in Cocoon, but not the other way round. And that's what
>I need.
>I have a webapp in JSP and Servlets and I need to integrate some
>URLs processed by Cocoon for a news system I've built.
>I realize I need to make a cross context call, from my context to Cocoon's.
>I've tried with Tomcat and Websphere. I could make the Cocoon context
>accesible by my app but could not include the result of the Cocoon
>processing in my JSP.
>Has anybody tried this? I have tried using a RequestDispatcher but it fails
>throwing a 'Cannot add header. Response already committed.:

"result of the Cocoon processing in my JSP" + "Response already 
committed" --> you are trying to call Cocoon too late in the game; it 
must be before you commit your response, i.e., call Cocoon before you 
have any other content generated by JSP.

>Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Take a look at new CocoonBean - programmatic access to the Cocoon. May 
be it will help.


>ps: I'm copying both lists cause I honestly don't know which one is best
>suited for this question. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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