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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [proposal] fixing the encoding problems
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 20:04:14 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> Cocoon is heavily internationalized but we fail to do one thing: 
>> signal the proper encoding to the user-agent thru HTTP headers, which 
>> is the most reliable way of doing it.
>> the current *hack* is to use <meta> tags in the HTML stream,
> Ew!

I know.

>> these are interpreted by the HTTP server stack and transfered as HTTP 
>> headers. but this creates many problems and concern mixes.
>> Vadim suggested to set the headers from the serializers, but I think 
>> there is a better alternative.
>> So I propose to add the method
>>  getEncoding()
>> to the interface
>>  org.apache.cocoon.sitemap 
> Why sitemap would ever know anything about encoding?

Ok, good question.

> There are two parts to the encoding problem: decoding incoming request 
> and encoding outgoing response. 


> Request encoding can be set by 
> SetCharacterEncodingAction or by anything else via 
> request.setCharacterEncoding() method. Or, every request parameter can 
> be decoded independently. Response encoding directly depends on the 
> encoding parameter set to the serializer from the sitemap.


> And, any of these are totally independent from the internationalization. 
> Internationalization affects language used to produce output, but not 
> how the text in this language is encoded (UTF8, UTF16, ISO-1859-1, 
> what-have-you).

true. but you can't have chinese text in US-ASCII, right? my point is 
that having globally-balanced hooks for encoding will allow cocoon to be 
even more friendly for non-latin-charset needs. I used i18n out of 
context here, sorry.

> So, if you to put encoding into sitemap... You will have to disable 
> serializer configuration and request configuration and force sitemap 
> encoding onto request / response. Is this what you are proposing?


please, read again, my proposal, i think it's pretty clear.

> If 
> yes... IMHO, it makes more sence to have this parameter of the pipeline 
> but not whole sitemap. 

I didn't propose that, where did you get that impression?

> But I am not convinced that it's sitemap's 
> responsibility to worry about encoding (from SoC POV).

I restate:

1) I want a way for serializers to indicate to the pipeline what is the 
encoding they will be using, so that the pipeline can set the right HTTP 
header for it.

2) also, i want a way to overwrite the sitemap-wide behavior of every 
single serializers, locally, such as

  <map:serialize encoding="UTF-8"/>

when the global serializer configurations state they will be using 
something else.

Is the proposal clear enough?


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