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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: The road to Cocoon 2.1
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 09:59:42 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> I would like to see Cocoon released as soon as possible, but not sooner.
> There are a few things to do before we can release and there are two 
> realms:
> 1) internal -> things inside the distribution
>     - flow
>         - finish polishing the object model
>         - provide a block-like method for extension of the object model


>     - write a block-like modular system in the build for
>         - flow
>         - xsp
>         - actions (yet to be agreed upon)
>         - instrumentation (yet to be understood how)


>     - finish cleanup the samples


>     - write the distribution targets in the build
>         - decide how we want to distribute the software


> 2) externals -> things outside the distribution
>     - move the web site over to


>     - move the mail lists


> Anything else I've missed?

I am agreeing with the general feeling we should release real soon now, 
although I personally don't have a pressing need. I'm happy living off 
CVS HEAD for quite some time.

I find it strange however to see XSP/Actions/Flow being lumped together. 
XSPs and Actions have been out there and used for quite some time - 
whether we like that or not - and moving them from the 'core' to some 
outside module will break the current usage pattern (not technically 
perhaps, maybe just in spirit).

For some reason or another, you indicate there's a liaison between these 
three 'components', and feel like they should be treated equally. I 
personally don't know.

Another way to move forward is to step back in time, and postpone 
releasing _any_ flow-related stuff until we hashed out everything. That 
way, stuff that people have been asking for gets finally released, and 
we buy ourselves some time to work on the flow and how it integrates 
with the sitemap.

I don't think we should release anything flow-related before there is 
*some* real documentation on it.

<dreaming-mode>And if the flow is that great, it might as well warrant a 
version 3.0 release.</dreaming-mode>

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