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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Gump and CocoonDev
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 07:12:55 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Ultimately, we'll have to discuss what groups people are assigned to and 
> whether or not /etc/bashrc should be modified so that umask is set to 
> 002 for everybody.  What we need to ensure is that there is no problem 
> with permissions of files that people create.

umask isn't automatically set to 002 - I'll see this eventually gets 
changed (I've been suggesting to people to change it in 
~/.bash_profile). All 'system-wide capable' people are in the cocoondev 
group, there are some other people who are only in project-specific groups.

If other account owners want to be in the cocoondev group 
to help Sam out, please indicate so. Currently, there's Jeff, Bruno and 
Marc, Ovidiu, Sylvain, Tom Klaasen, Sam, and myself. I just added David, 

Since quite a few people are in multiple groups, and cocoondev isn't 
necesseraly their primary group, so some chgrp might be needed when you 
create new files.

Document root is /www/ which is owned by 
rubys, group cocoondev

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