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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Gump and CocoonDev
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 16:31:45 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> I've prep'ed, and am nearly ready to try a full build. 
> Preping involved installing the necessary packages [1], tailoring some 
> of the paths in nagoya.xml to produce cocoondev.xml, and determining the 
> appropriate value for JAVA_HOME.  I've done some limited testing, 
> including running gen, update all, and individual builds of 
> bootstrap-ant and ant.

Glad to hear that went well already.

> Before I do a full build, I would like to note a few things and ask a 
> few questions.  Execution of a number of builds involve testing.  Some 
> builds require Xvfb in order to work.  I notice that there is an 
> instance of this process currently running: can I depend on that?  What 

You should be able to depend on that, yes. Other processes do, too. Mine 
is set to DISPLAY=:0.0

> should I set DISPLAY to?  Also a number of tests involve attempts to 
> create test web servers.  Inevitably, this involves port 8080 which I 
> note is currently in use.  This may be a problem.  Suggestions?

Ha. You should coordinate with Jeff. As far as I can see, the port is 
not in use ATM but people can grab as they like, and Jeff habitually 
runs Jetty from his homedir to test things.

> In order to minimize impact to others, builds will be run only once a 
> day, and will utilize the "nice" command to allow all other processes to 
> have priority.  Builds will be run during the late night hours in most 
> European locations - the first portion of which will be mostly cvs 
> update and local rsync, neither of which are CPU or memory intensive 
> operations.  The builds themselves will be single threaded and run in a 
> low priority as indicated above.


> Once this is accomplished, I'll look into two things: publishing the 
> results and moving the data to a location where everybody with the 
> ability to log onto cocoondev can do updates and builds of any and all 
> individual projects in between nightly runs.  I fully expect people will 
> find this ability to be very addictive and helpful in isolating and 
> resolving inter component issues.

We need to discuss this, as I don't fully understand what that would 
involve. In any case, I start to think this should be set up as a shared 
resource. We use /usr/serverlocal for that, you'll see Jeff & I left 
there some shared apps already. The document root for the visible 
website is currently /www/

> Finally, I'll look into establishing a cocoon profile which does not 
> include everything that gump normally builds, but only contains those 
> elements which are part of the greater cocoon ecosystem.


> Steven, let me know what you think and if this is the wrong mailing list 
> to discuss these items.

Looking good so far. This list is fine, if other people are not bored 
too much with it.


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