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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Discussion of Flow Issues
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 18:18:09 GMT
Here's a summary of some of the recent issues with the Flow for discussion:

1) Storing the flow context object and continuation in environment 

This seems easy to fix. But I personally don't understand the 
"objectModel". Can someone explain how to properly use it? But I think 
there is a more fundamental design question here: namely, how should the 
flow script communicate with generators, transformers, etc?

2) Concerns with exposing the componentManager:

I personally do not know what the proper solution here is. Can someone 
explain the proper use of component managers and make a suggestion on 
how to solve this?

3) Duplication of functionality between VelocityGenerator and 

This is clearly bad, I agree. I think these could be merged back 
together - the old behavior would apply if the flow context object isn't 
available. But this probably depends somewhat on the answer to (1).

4) JavaScript Database API has no business being in the flow

We all agree on this. But we need someplace to put useful JavaScript 
stuff - as part of optional "blocks" or something like that.

In my own use of the flow, I've also noticed the following bugs:

   - Script reloading is partially broken. Sometimes scripts don't 
reload properly. This is normal when you are in a continuation - the 
continuation contains a compiled copy of the script and doesn't see the 
new reloaded one. But it happens occasionally even in top level calls.
   - With certain Exceptions the script file names and line numbers are 
not reported
   - Cocoon.load() doesn't work

I also noticed that it isn't fun to debug Velocity templates. If the 
generated xml has errors, the XML parser reports the line number of the 
generated xml document, which isn't preserved anywhere. In that case it 
would be nice if the Velocity generator saved the generated xml document 
somewhere, or at least logged it.




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