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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: more xmlforms + schematron, why ?
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 16:50:07 GMT
> Looking at xmlforms and schematron more closely, I'm starting to 
> wonder why this combination was chosen anyways? from the examples
> it seems the purpose of schematrons is to validate input fields, but checking
> something simple as if a field is only alpha characters seems to be near 
> impossible or atleast really hard with schematron (or am I missing something
> here ? ) 

There have been heavy discussions. You might find some in the archives.

> Isn't schematron intended for checking document structure, not validity of 
> single fields/elements ?

Well, you can use it for both. But you have to use XSLT functions for
content validity. See the XSLT pages/mailing list for help on the

> and if anyone does have a simple idea of how to do a simple check with 
> schematron for alpha or non alpha strings ( 'test' is good, 'test1' or 
> 'test#' is bad ) I'd be very gratefull for that too :)

Sorry, I personally dislike schematron and don't use it - so I don't 
have anything at hand :) But you might wanna have a look into the
"translate" function

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