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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [strawpoll] use of excelon/progress stylus studio
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:36:11 GMT
<snip type="lots of cool news"/>

> Related to my enquiry, the Excelon guy also suggested they would be 
> willing to implement "better Cocoon support" inside Stylus, and we can 
> all dream what that might be: sitemap syntax highlighting and 
> completion, pipeline debugging, and whatnot. Their XSLT syntax 
> completion is already quite nice, and they make use of Xalan/J and /C++ 
> internally in their product.

This would be awesome! :))  Cocoon IDEs :P

> Before starting to influence Excelon into some direction, I'd like to 
> know whether Stylus is in heavy use by the Cocoon community. Please get 
> back to me if you are using Stylus, and if you have compelling 
> Cocoon-related questions/suggestions for them.

This would be a good reason to use it :)

> I don't know whether this is a Real Thing yet, but it might as well 
> become one if we come up with some good stuff to add.

Sounds very promising

> I have no relationship with Excelon/Progress except that Outerthought is 
> an educational partner, and we are allowed to provide attendees of our 
> XML/XSLT courses with a free copy of the tool.

Hmmmmm.... how much is a XML/XSLT course at outerthought? ;-)


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