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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Chunked Encoding (Was: very weird sitemap error handling behavior)
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:34:14 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
 > You came up with clever ideas about resetting via HTTP or something
 > like that (chunking?) but I'm not able to understand a thing about
 > it.


 > The chunked encoding modifies the body of a message in order to
 > transfer it as a series of chunks, each with its own size indicator,
 > followed by an OPTIONAL trailer containing entity-header fields. This
 > allows dynamically produced content to be transferred along with the
 > information necessary for the recipient to verify that it has
 > received the full message.

This will allow Cocoon to start "pipelining" a valid response to the 
client, in chunks of server controlled size, and use the optional final 

 > The trailer allows the sender to include additional HTTP header
 > fields at the end of the message.

at the end, for instance for incremental computation of the 
Content-Length or MD5, for instance.

WRT using the trailer for error handling, it puzzles me if there is any 
way to do it as chunked transfer encoding does *not* allow changing the 
status code. It is intended as a "latency killer" feature, and also to 
enable computation of length and md5 without having to cache the whole 
answer. It would be great in the "proxy friendly" thread, though.


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