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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: esql samples
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:23:03 GMT

>> But the .script file *is* actually a simple .sql script.
> Yes, but as I remember it, wouldn't be appropriate to use as the
> source in other DB's, but...

Can you remember why? I haven't really looked closer into it.

>>> Now that the samples are at least working again, how about considering
>>> some options for actually creating the samples "schema" from the .sql?
>> But we could split the cocoondb.script file into
>> cocoondb.setup + cocoondb.sql --ant--> cocoondb.script
> that might be all we need.

cool :)

>> So the schema is pretty much the cocoondb.sql file that could also be 
>> copied into the samples. Or do you mean a real "schema"?
> Sorry, sloppy use of terms.  I actually meant "table definitions and 
> sample data" for the examples.

ok :)


>> Sorry, I cannot find a good reason on reading the samples entries from 
>> an already setup db ;) Why would you want to do this?
> Not sure we're understanding each other.  I was proposing starting the 
> hsql engine "blank" (as it was before you fixed it) and providing a 

Did understand that :)


> The only reason approaches like this would have any value would be to 
> facilitate using other than hsql db for the samples.  If I already have 
> mysql installed, I may
> choose to exclude the hsql block.

Don't understand this. Why would you want to try the samples in your db?
I don't really see why we should take the burden on making sure that our
sql creates all tables and data successfully on database X just because
the user wants to run the samples on his database out of the box.
(I mean it's very basic sql - it should not. But I wouldn't take a bet 
on any datatype or the primary key definitions. I've seen too much crap 
out there;)

Don't take me wrong. I am not against this - but atleast *I* just cannot 
see the real value yet. Please tell me :)


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