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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: build system - status of filtering
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 18:53:42 GMT
Christian Haul wrote:
> Team,
> after looking at the current samples it appears that
> src/blocks/databases/conf/datasources.xconf not filtered during the
> build. Thus the datasource to connect to for the datbase samples is
> invalid.

ahhh, you're right, I forgot about's the only thing that I 
couldn't figure out how to do in an elegant way.

> Strangely enough, a quick look at blocks-build.xsl seems to indicate
> that files in the conf directory are filtered. Hints anybody?

Yes. the <filter> indications are now located in a build.xml file 
located inside the block. Unfortunately, it seems that ant is not able 
to retain the scope of those tasks when setup in a nested antcall 
target, even if intra-vm.

Previously, the filters tasks were applied to each and every block, 
resulting in a much slower and memory consuming system (and a much 
bigger build file for blocks!).

the ideal solution would be to give its block the ability to define its 
own build customizations, but ant doesn't have this 'inheritance' concept :/

So i don't really know what to do.


> BTW moving docs from /documents to /docs breaks many places. Worth it?

No. Didn't track down dependencies enough. No problem to change it back 
to what it was before.


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