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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: esql samples
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 18:04:44 GMT
>> Hm... I see. So it's enough to just copy the sql script into the
>> WEB-INF/db location. I'll take look...
>>> I was just getting ready to see if there is an ant call to process a 
>>> sql script over jdbc (I'm sure there is, just don't know ant well 
>>> enough) but I'd make slow progress now as I'm very time limited.
>> Well, but when do you wanna call the target?
>> The hsqldb would need to be running.
> Doh!  Well, it could be a stand-alone target with a note on the
> database samples page that it should be run while cocoon is up.
> HSQL can be run separately from cocoon, of course and could be started up
> from the build (with a custom task?).

aaaah... no

> For now, though for purposes of reviving the samples quickly it may be 
> as easy as re-commiting a new db.script into the database block with the 
> changes in it.
> IIUC hsql uses this file as its persistent store of data - when you shut 
> down, it gets overwritten with what is in memory.  So, if you make 
> changes to the file,
> then restart cocoon to reload the changes, they disappear.  It was 
> awkward for me trying to contribute (read: I lost changes a few times 
> and am still getting over it emotionally ;) ) but that's not happening 
> much.

...and I assume it's get loaded when it comes up. So all we
need to do is to put a file into the webapp (at the right place)
so it gets loaded as it where shut down before, right?


>> But since this is only used for the "personal" datasource it doesn't
>> make any sense all to have it configurable in the properties. It's just
>> for the example database. Let's KISS :)
>> So if noone is really keen on those properties I'll remove them from the
>> build. No need to filter then.
> Christian's got another thread on this.  Seems fine to me, for
> what that's worth.


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