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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RF] Entropy Killed the Cat
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:49:49 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:

> 3) If remarks referring to some kind of polarization between commercial 
> vs voluntary contributions to Cocoon reappear on this list, I will need 
> to seriously rethink my appreciation of the genuine community sense on 
> this list. Such partisanship is detrimental at best.

Open source is about sharing. Sharing fun, sharing costs, sharing 
visibility, sharing knowledge.

Sharing works friction-less when shared resources are non-conservative: 
this is what the web, open source and p2p music sharing have in common. 
The net introduced fixed costs, but reduced marginal costs of copying to 
*zero*. Not 0.01$ per copy. Zero. This is the first time in the history 
of mankind such a dramatic impact on information exchange has been 
achieved since the invention of writing. We are barely scratching the 
surface of what the 'real new economy' will be in the future: an economy 
of non-conservative resources.

Now, money, energy and time are conservative resources.

They don't mix well with share-based environments.

There is no polarization between commercial vs. voluntary contributions 
because all of them are done by somebody who puts something in and gets 
something out of the share-based eco-system.

But it is harmful to assume that because you need to get something out 
of that system, somebody else *MUST* give it to you and in time to meet 
your needs.

It doesn't matter that this 'need' is driven by commercial interest of 
because you want to show it off to your new girlfriend. And the fact you 
are risking your ass doesn't give you any more rights.

How do you know how much ass others are risking when they do what they do?


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