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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RF] Entropy Killed the Cat
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 20:14:28 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> but I maybe entirely wrong.
> if so, please let me know.

Let me be frank and open (and if I'm sure some people which I have been 
mailing with concerning these matters will look surprised now about me 
'switching sides'):

1) KISS: if you have something to say, say so. If Pier has something to 
say, let him say so. Please don't speak up for each other since that 
carries the connotation of off-list design and planning with it. Pier is 
smart enough to talk for himself IMHO.

2) KISS: I've been known to fall into the same trap, but trying to 
overcome a situation like this should not be done by analyzing and 
answering each individual phrase of an email exchange. May I suggest to 
add an extra step to your double-email-pattern: throw the first one away 
and then start again with a blank screen

3) If remarks referring to some kind of polarization between commercial 
vs voluntary contributions to Cocoon reappear on this list, I will need 
to seriously rethink my appreciation of the genuine community sense on 
this list. Such partisanship is detrimental at best. I know I made 
reference to this on my blog last week, and I must say it feels rather 
bad seeing that innocent blog become a prodigy 

You are not wrong but neither is Carsten nor Christopher, Matthew or 
Ovidiu (to name just a few). Let's not try and find guilty people. Let's 
try to adapt our speaking style so that everybody feels genuinely 
comfortable on this list. Lately, we had one guy on cocoon-users who 
morphed from a ranting know-it-all to a helpful debating Cocoon 
enthusiast. If that guy was able to overcome his own tone of voice in 
order to fit in better with the community, I'm pretty sure we can 
slightly flex ours so that people don't need to overreact.

So much for the touchy-feely stuff. I think the refactoring of the build 
is great but a major part is missing. At the least, some prior warning 
would have been appreciated. If we held a vote however, I'm pretty sure 
everbody votes +1 on keeping it. As far as the CVS reshuffling is 
concerned, it's good to have the branches split out finally. The 
coordination could have been better, but again: let's move forward 
instead of looking back and analyzing stuff.

Please, let's keep the spirit high. There's so much nice things we can 
do, together.

Steven Noels                  
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