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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: Jetty performance....
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 21:50:15 GMT
Found this:

Thought it might be interesting for others.  It was for me.  The last 
paragraph was most interesting to me.

"/All in all, I think that Jetty, Resin and Tomcat must all be getting /
pretty close to terminal /velocity for serving servlets. We are all 
maxing out just under or over /
2000 servlet requests /a second on my hardware - I doubt there is much 
scope of going much beyond /
that and I don't /think we'll see 3000 unless I get a new network :-)"/
//The discussion moves on to talk about optimizations related to flush() 
et al with the general thoughts being that Resin is somewhere between 
slightly faster to much faster than Jetty.  Note: Resin mailing list.

Now then, with output of 2000 requests a second, how much do you really 
worry about the implementation of the service() method?  Wouldn't time 
be better spent profiling your XSLT and tweaking Cocoon's cache lookup 
algorithms?  It just seems to me that once requests become a 
sufficiently small number given the fraction

  engine overhead / Cocoon processing

does it matter that much?  If someone can point me to where all logic 
leading up to the service() method is approaching the processing time of 
after Cocoon's service() method is called, I'd be very interested 
indeed.  As it stands, splitting up your sitemap into multiple 
subsitemaps (for example) so that the number of matches is reduced would 
be a greater boon to performance.

For me, the simplicity of Jetty is a boon to me.  (Thank you Stefano and 
Pier for encouraging me to look at it.)  However, has anyone else tried 
to compile 4.2.x from source?  The binary download works fine, but 
default build environment seems hosed to me.  Antonio is definitely 
right about the lack of complete documentation right away.

- Miles

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