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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Flow Layer Database API
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 09:43:52 GMT
Christopher Oliver wrote:

> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi Christopher:
>> I think that the point they tried to show us is that the database
>> functions  can be an optional part of all the Flow block. I agree 
>> because
>> some applications will not need to use databases at all.
> Yes, clearly, that is the case. However, there isn't yet a mechanism 
> for creating "JavaScript" blocks - and you can't solve everything at 
> once.
> The problem I was trying to address is this: why do people choose to 
> use ESQL or JSTL for database processing, rather than writing JDBC 
> code in their server pages? Well, because it's _easier_. So, in my 
> opinion, we will need an equally easy-to-use API to convince those 
> people to use the flow layer. I've had first-hand experience in my 
> regular job of a wide range of people finding JDBC very unfriendly. 
> And for such people Hibernate or OJB as a solution isn't going to seem 
> much friendlier.
> That's it. 

I fully agree with you on this subject, and that was the point of my 
post you were referring to. In order to lower the entry cost of 
PHP-and-the-like people in Cocoon, we must provide some "unclean" (from 
an architectural point of view) solutions that ease the job of using 
databases. This will allow them to slowly grasp the Cocoon philosophy 
and better structure their next application. Also, Cocoon is used on 
small projects where using an O/R machinery is just too heavy.

But these features should not be in the core.

> Anyway, I've moved getConnection() off of the "cocoon" object and 
> placed  it in a new "Database" object, so now you should do this to 
> create a connection:
>    var conn = Database.getConnection(dataSourceName);

This looks better. I'll look at this more closely ;-)


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