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From Per-Olof Norén <>
Subject Cocoon flow + O/R samples [was Re: XMLForms and O/R bridge. The Road Ahead.....]
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 08:33:07 GMT
Hi again, sorry for the delay.
<massive snip/>

>> Having used cocoon and OJB for no less than four (4) of our projects 
>> I can only say that the combination of flow + OJB really makes life 
>> easier. We´re using OJB by reversing the db into an OJB-mapping file 
>> for which we generate beans that in turn is used from the flow java 
>> script. 
> I think it could be an incredibly useful contribution if you could 
> write a few samples that show how to do it. A tutorial will be even 
> better, but knowing coders, sometimes I sample is even better. 

We´re currently in the process of making a final delivery to our 
customers, and time is a little limited
Because of this I think we could have sample available in a week or two  
at the earliest. Unfortunatly...bare with us :-)

>> btw:
>> During this process we´ve come up with some enhancements to the 
>> jpath.xsl logicsheet to allow nested <jpath:for-each/>.
>> We´ll start discussing how to get you guys to commit real soon :-)
> Let's see: you submit your samples along with that patch, and I'll 
> commit it right away, how's that as a deal? :-)

Deal :-)


> There is no way to estimate how complex a web application is or how 
> much time is going to take to write it, or, more important, how much 
> it can be reused in other projects that partially share the same 
> concerns.

A good example of this is our "Datepicker" function and complementing 
xsp. When this function returns, the user has clicked interacted and 
selected a date.  If one were to go a little further and actually 
declare a JavaScript object for it, it would be possible formalize its 
usage further.  This isn´t interacting with the db and could easily be 
packaged into a small sample app.

Per-Olof Norén

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