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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Flow + XForms + Beans + Databases
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 05:44:54 GMT
Hi Christopher:

I think that the point they tried to show us is that the database
functions  can be an optional part of all the Flow block. I agree because
some applications will not need to use databases at all.

>>From my point of view (I hope the same as you) the added database
functionality now is just experimental. Teh Database API try to interact
directly with the Database if someone does not like (or want) to use

This is the main reason why it is currently mixed with the main behavior,
it is just an experiment. In the future there will be a library or an
object that you can include if you need DB API functions with Flow.

Attached is a PNG file that show my point of view of the big picture of
how Flow work with XForms and Databases. I hope I am not wrong. :) This is
the Framework I see to build web based Database Aplication:

The Flow Controller controls every XForm set.

There can be 1 XForm set for each object. ie: Customers, Providers,
Invoices. Every XForm set can have more than 1 XForm page. For example, we
can have 1 XForm  to add a new customer, 1 XForm to edit a customer,
another XForm to delete customer, etc. (I think that we can build a XForm
set that can interact with a concretly every Application Object). The glue
between this XForms is the Flow Controller.

In the graph I also showed that every XForm can be attached to a Bean.
There are also cases when 2 or more XForms can be attached to the same

The Beans describe the fields that the XForm show to the user. The Bean
has the same fields as the XForm. In this point I feel like we can use
another approach. Because I looks like the same fields need to be writen 2
times: In the XForm itself and into the Bean. :-(

Then there is a O/R map (can be Hibernate, Apache Jakarta OJB. Modular
Database Actions offer something similar too.).

On the other hand the Database API can be usefull to get some stuff
directly form the Database.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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