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From leo leonid <>
Subject Re: Java PetStore sample
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 13:45:21 GMT

On Donnerstag, März 13, 2003, at 09:28  Uhr, Christopher Oliver wrote:

> I've made a first cut at implementing the Java PetStore example 
> application using Cocoon. I started by converting the Ibatis PetStore 
> (

I deployed it just now, using Postgresql via simple data source, works 

>  which is struts-based  to use the Cocoon flow layer (and converted 
> its jsp's to velocity templates).
> I could use some help with this, since I'm not a Cocoon expert. I've 
> placed a snapshot here: 
> Eventually, I'd like to add this to the flow samples, but in the 
> meantime if anyone is interested in helping, let me know and I'll 
> check it into the scratchpad. (Unfortunately the scratchpad samples 
> are still broken though).

Please do. A sample like this would be sufficient motivation for me 
diving into the flow.

> Right now the flow scripts directly talk to a database. But I'd like 
> to try attaching different back-ends. And the views are all velocity 
> templates, but I'd like to also try using XMLForm and/or Xsp's.

I never used velocity templates so far. In order to get your snapshot 
running (so far I get a ConfigurationException: Type 'flow_velocity' is 
not defined) I wanted to have a look at the velocity-cocoon samples. 
Unfortunately the are not available in the latest 2.1 CVS build. I'll 
try to write XSPs to get it going.

Pleas go ahead with your work.

> Regards,
> Chris

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