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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: why do we have two http proxy generators?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:37:31 GMT
Stefano Wrote:

> > we currently have two of them: one in the trunk and another one in a
> > block. Also, it seems that the one in the trunk is broken.


> > I would like to move the proxy-related samples into the proxy block and
> > also remove the one from the trunk.
> >
> > Anybody against this?

Are you talking HttpProxyGenerator vs. WebServiceProxyGenerator?  If so,
I'd like to double check to see if all of the functionality of the WSPG is
in the HTTPPG before having the WSPG go away. The old WSPG would always
GET a resource.  The WSPG's docs said you could use <map:parameter
name="wsproxy-method" value="post"/> if you wanted the proxy to POST to
the URL instead.  It didn't actually do that, so I added some stuff to the
WSPG to allow POST.. it would be nice to not lose that functionality.

Pier Wrote:

> All I need to do is write some doccos on the block (I never did it, as you
> were working on splitting the per-block documentation out in the block
> itself)... Now that it seems more stable, I believe I can do that! :-)

Speaking of docs, the WSPG's docs are really long, and IMO the current
stuff could be moved to a HOWTO, and replaced by a simpler component


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