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From Jeroen Cranendonk <>
Subject xmlforms schematron + abstract rules
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 09:49:13 GMT
Hello all :)

I've got a problem, first the context :

Xmlforms uses schematrons to validate forms, if I'm not mistaken the 
parsing/applying of schematron xml files is done in the xmlforms java code.
It seems that schematron 'abstract rules' as specified for example in:
are not implemented yet.

The problem is my company wants to use abstract rules in schematrons in 
xmlforms, and they told me to go and implement it. I'm quite new still to 
cocoon, xmlforms, and schematrons. And I doubt if I'll be able to do a very 
clean, proper or good implementation. But I might give it a try :)

Before I start tho, is anyone already planning to implement this?, is there 
anything to look out for while doing this?, is there a good reason this isn't 
implemented yet?, are there any hints anyone would like to give ? :)

I'd be very gratefull for any answers anyone would like to share,
many thanks in advance and greetings,
	Jeroen Cranendonk.

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