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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: taking a break
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 06:52:24 GMT

CALL FOR ARMS. This is important!!!!!

On Monday 10 March 2003 08:31, Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
> You can see how I feel and why I do so in my last email:

I think this is REALLY SAD, and actually more important for the community than 
any code.

I'm very thick-skinned, anybody can yell, shout and scream as much as they 
want. Foul language in a heated debate is also something _I_ can handle. 
Everything non-technical somehow gets filtered out completely.

Possibly, other people are same as me. For sure, others are much more 
sensitive, I know that and I try to "soften" my expression on public forums 
and when dealing with people I know less.

Cocoon-dev every now and then get over-heated, and people feel "offended" (in 
many different ways and to various extent), and this is a BAD THING.

We, as a community, must become better in moderating our emotions, take a 
second look at the email before sending it off, and SOFTEN the tone a bit.

Ovidiu, rightly so, points out that he has no problem with the technical 
issues at hand, only HOW it is "presented" (a bit of over statement), and 
that could for others be true, even though it is not over code they have been 
involved in, just don't like the tone and foul language.

Stefano has certain principles, and when they are not upheld (in this case 
regarding the off-list discussions), he also get carried away and sounds very 
harsh to make his point. It is his way, _I_ have no problem with that, others 
may. I also know that his ability to see his own flaws to be of exceptional 
quality, and he will not let the Cocoon community suffer because of him.

I am also sure that everybody on the list, Pier included ;o), does not want to 
harm or insult anyone else. Everyone "feel" we have a good thing going, 
community wise. It is just that emotions take the upper hand, instead of calm 
and analytical debate, and things quickly get out of hand.

I hope Ovidiu's drastic signal is a wake-up call to everyone. A signal to 
"think first, press 'send' later", sounds so easy.

Let's solve this, and keep everyone happy.


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