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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Ripping the heart out
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 05:56:19 GMT
On Saturday 08 March 2003 22:12, Matthew Langham wrote:

> week we needed to quickly showcase Cocoon 2.1-dev for an extremely large
> company interested in using Cocoon as a central part of their
> infrastructure. We couldn't.

This is called over-selling, and happens all the time for all kind of reasons, 
not only to pre-beta OSS projects.

IMHO, you have been "caught wih your pants down", by "selling" a show that you 
didn't know if it existed or not (which is definition of pre-beta). 
I have done this before, and learnt that not to open the mouth until I have a 
running demo on my own machine.

> And yes - of course we keep saying that Cocoon 2.1 is alpha and that
> anything can happen - but that is just being too naiive. How long has it
> been publicly available? How many installations are using 2.1-dev already?
> How many users are waiting for a beta so they can publicly state that they
> are using Cocoon?

Me and Alex Romayev are jointly running 2.1-dev "for fun and family", but I 
used a snapshot a month or so back, and they should still be around, don't 
they? A bit of patching source and you could get the latest fixes in without 
breaking the samples....

> So please, stop admiring yourselves in the mirror and bring back the
> samples!

So please, stop complaining about pre-release code. If you don't like it, fix 
it ;o)


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