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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: tallying [Re: [vote] micro-decision for docs: creation of cocoon-docs CVS module]
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:43:31 GMT
Le Jeudi, 27 mars 2003, à 14:31 Europe/Zurich, Steven Noels a écrit :

> ...It's good to see that the 'requirement' to vote adds some energy to 
> the discussion, but then again, you, Diana & David are mostly right 
> when suggesting that vote was premature and underspecified. I'm the 
> hero of underspecification, but keep that silent. :-D

I don't want to speak for others but I thank you for starting the vote, 
it lead to interesting discussions...
(ok, maybe starting it on both -dev and -docs was a suboptimal idea, it 
might be better to just send an announcement of the vote to the other 
list in such cases  ;-)

I might be biased by my own understanding of the whole thing but here's 
where I think we are:

-general agreement on the need for a separate cocoon-docs repository

-Pier suggested [1] using a CVS alias to have cocoon-docs point to the 
src/docs directory of the current code repository (but I don't think he 
said how hard/easy/quick this is to implement).

-I suggested [2] moving the alias to the new CVS when a release is done 
(which was probably implicit in Pier's proposal).

So the proposal should probably be along the lines of "creating a 
cocoon-docs repository that is an alias of cocoon-2.1/src/docs and 
moving the alias to the new repository when a release is done".



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