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From Jean-Pierre Brunod <>
Subject Cocoon 2.0.4 & deli 0.9.1
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:41:58 GMT
Hello all. 
I write to this list to ask you an integration question regarding deli
0.9.1 and current (stable) cocoon 2.0.4.

We want to use last DELI version to implement rdf for multiple
terminals. I've downloaded it from sourceforge, compiled, then tried to
use deli.jar in place of deli-0.5.0.jar. But it doesn't work! It ends up
with a java exception 


I thought it was related to DeliImpl.class in cocoon-2.0.4.jar, so I've
tried to use those DELI components from cocoon-cvs (which is shipped
with deli 0.9.0), but a problem still arises, this time in an Excalibur
component. This is going to be a neverending problem I think :-)

We don't want to use the whole xml-cocoon2 from cvs branch, so how can I
do this integration keeping old cocoon 2.0.4 and new deli-0.9.0.jar?

Thanks in advance
Jean-Pierre Brunod

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