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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: big ESQL performance problem - this one's weird
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 00:16:26 GMT
> > it's faster. So whom shall we kick in the but? Database A user or 
> > database B user? Of course we could make it... configurable *ring* *ring*
> maybe just esql:query and esql:prepared query?

It's not the logicsheet.but the helper classes that create the
"problem". Of course it is doable - the question is if it's desirable.
We need to decide per database what type of statement to create if 0
parameters or n parameters are given.

> > IMO it is not cocoon's job to use the best method for each individual 
> > database only because the database engine and/or the driver does not do 
> > "this" or "that" internally. (Why not file a bug against the driver/db?)
> because:
> 1. if you ask M$ to fix a bug they will send you a nice "Thank you for your
> cooperation" and nothing else will happen

So you think cocoon should fix all the bugs that software vendor X
refuses to fix? come on!

> 2. even if it's something more than that you never know how much you will have
> to wait for that

Well, or you have to pay for it. That's how it works in the commercial
world ;)

> 3. you have to power to make the invalid driver usable and the user
> won't even notice (sometimes developers cannot choose a database/driver just
> like me) - why not use it ?:)

Sorry - didn't get that one... you mean you are not in charge to decide?

> 4. wouldn't it be nice that cocoon is always there for you when you need it 
> with no additional work?

Sure it would be cool if cocoon could bake bread - sorry;)

> 5. see sources - it is already done already (fixes for Informix, Oracle)

Don't get me wrong if we could fix it by just adding a new type of query
to work around - no problem. This can be done in 10 minutes. But maybe
we need to change some of the interfaces of the helper classes. I
already have something in mind... But I need to check the logicsheet

Just waiting for your results...


> Cocoon's functionality is fantastic but it's not nice to spend more time
> setting up database <-> cocoon connection that actualy use it.

Well, as always this depends on how many people used this database with
cocoon before :) 


> If you need an additional person to solve the
> case - take me :)

Be sure I'll get back to you ;)

> > Anyway, Leszek, could you please check with the same ResultSet type
> > as in the JdbcEsqlQuery?
> Sure no problem, gonna make this my first thing to do in the morning


> > I removed the Statements - so I'll try to help you get this fixed - 
> > anyhow :)
> thanks a lot

No problem :)

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