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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject Re: I18nTransformater does not work in j2ee enviroment
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:05:08 GMT
The limitation you are indicating was removed in Cocoon 2.1. If you are
using the 2.0 version then try to throw away that couple of out-dated lines
of code and everything should work.


From: "kristian meier" <>

> Hi,
> this application works fine on a standalone tomcat, but not on jboss
> with tomcat.
> the reason is quiet obvious:
> the configuration of the I18nTransformater ask for the location of the
> catalogs for the different locales. (in the sitemap)
> in the code itself this location is resolved and than check wether its
> SystemId starts with 'file:' or not. in the latter
> case an exception like 'resource:/translations does not denote a
> directory' is thrown.
> well, why this restriction to the file-url ?
> or is there any reason to check the url at this point whether it is a
> directory or not ?
> I didn't see a reason for this, since the XMLResourceBundleFactory the
> catalogue-name is
> just appended at the directory and furthermore file-url is not an
> indicator for having an url to a directory.
> I am happy to provide a patch to make the whole thing more flexible and
> to get it work on my application server !!
> Kristian

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