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From "J.D. Daniels">
Subject Re: [proposal] a new kind of 'dist'
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:20:26 GMT

> No no, it's very useful. Maybe I'm wrong :-/ I only want to prevent
> that users be scared by the installation, which takes sometimes a lot of
> time and knowledge. I'm, for example, very impatient, if some software
> takes too much time, or too many dependencies just for the first look,
> then I throw it away.
> Stephan.

First -  Morten: I do not believe issues like yours would apply. Ater all,
that is a  _dev_ build... and looking at the lists, there is a shake up over
the docs.

I doubt that new people will dive into the latest dev cvs head. Have you
tried to build 2.0.4?


You know what would be great?
A simple shell/batch that takes away all the confusion:

Download the *whatever-is-decided*.tar or zip
unzip / tar xvf
enter the dir
# build or C:\whatever-is-decided>build
Welcome To Cocoon 2.1
After The Build Process Completes, The Framework will be found in

1.Samples War
2.Documented War
3.Core (Clean) War (Choose This Option If you are building for your own app)
4.Samples Uncompressed Dir
5.Documented Uncompressed Dir
6.Core (Clean) Uncompressed Dir (Choose This Option If you are building for
your own app)
7. single .jar file

**  If You Don't Understand These Options, See INSTALL.txt **

One download... all solutions. Like it or not, Cocoon is not 'Plug and Play'
... you need to make it do what you need.

I am not sure how to implement an interactive build.. maybe a shell/batch
that calls the real build.bat/sh after writing out local.*.properties..

Of course, maybe change build to 'Create' or some crazy thing that won't
scare off ./configure make make install shy people
And leave build for "advanced users" use - ie, still have
build -Dinclude.webapps.libs=yes etc

If you really want to dummy it up.. put inside the interactive part the path
to their servlet container and do the deployment for them
(This seems a little silly tho)

If we (users) are at the point we want to start building web applications
with xml.... This is not too difficult :)

With this, what is to stop ANYONE from building the sample war and leaving
it laying around? Why would it need to be a separate distrubution?


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