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From "ivelin" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 04:23:39 GMT
> That is not the issue. We mean that a "community" member
> would discuss any perceived issue with their peers. You did
> not provide cocoon-dev with feedback or notify about a problem.

Over the last few months I have asked multiple times when is 2.1 going to be
labeled Alpha.
Maybe you did not follow my messages.
When I indicated the problem with the ever moving and always about to be
ready HEAD,
Sylvain Walez told me to hush, because I was ruining the good spirit of the

> <snip/>
> >
> > > At least *I* honstely don't see a good reason for XMLForm
> > > becoming it's own Apache project - sorry.
> >
> > Others disagree with you.
> > I have been asked numerous times via private emails, if it
> > can be used independently for smaller projects?
> > It can be cleanly isolated and interfaced with cocoon via
> > some sort of adapter.
> > This only confirms the value and need for blocks.
> Then why don't you stay and help us sort out the blocks.

You are INcorrectly assuming that I have left Cocoon.
There are a lot of people with strong opinions on the blocks.
I do not feel like I can be of value at this stage.
Nevertheless I am monitoring the progress and looking forward to a final
design decision and an API.

> There is no better place to ensure clean separation and
> adaptability than here on cocoon-dev. We would actually
> help clean up the xmlforms code, but going your way you
> are on your own.

I like Bertrand's idea of going Chaperon or jfor's way.
I see no reason why discussion should not be carried on cocoon-dev.
In fact it already started... ;)
I feel bad that it started somewhat sour, but I'm sure we'll work it out.


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