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From "J.D. Daniels">
Subject Re: [proposal] a new kind of 'dist'
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 17:32:29 GMT

Cocoon is best suited to people who develop using other technologies - PHP
C++ Visual Basic etc, who have realized the limitations for end user

Within a half hour, right now the way the system is, you can see what cocoon
does. It isn't an app, it is not a solution. It is a tool. A framework to
make your solutions available. It doesn't do the work for you. A web
designer can't start pumping out banking solutions. It does not need to be
'Dummied Up' .. which is where I think this thread has started to go. Yes,
it makes separation of concerns easy, and people are using it for web site
development to keep content away from design. but the power here is in the
application level.

The only problem is knowing enough about -how- cocoon works to strip it down
to what you need. So you will never make a binary to suit every need. Alot
of the people i have got interested in cocoon give up because they simply
don't get how to configure it. And I think this mostly from the
misconception that it is a webapp. Really, I wouldn't care if there was a
binary or not.... but changing the src dist so that it doesn't say
cocoon-***-src.tar would be the difference. call the binary 'examples' -
that is really what it is. You get the binary, see what it does.... peek in
at the files.... and after a week, hit the point of frustration that sends
you to the source. Which at this point doesn't really help unless you are
stubborn or really interested in learning new stuff. I think this whole
thing could be resolved with better INSTALL.txt and the addtion of a
COMPONENTS.txt - Something that told what the heck your options you -have- .


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