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From "J.D. Daniels">
Subject Re: [proposal] a new kind of 'dist'
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:11:35 GMT

> > So I whould like a solution there we offer a source distribution, and
> > binary distribution with a war, which includes all samples, and one
> > war. So the user can first download the bin-dist, test all samples,
> > and experimentalize with the clean webapp. And then he is glad and want
> > more, he can download the source-dist.
> I'm still strongly in favor of a single distribution with a very simple,
> short yet very well documented INSTALL.txt file.
> Stefano.

I definately agree with Stefano here. Here is an example of usage:

My background is PHP. Been writing php applications for quite awhile. Takes
me maybe 15 minutes to hack a personalized form for client's feedback. Now I
want to update this client's info to an xml application so I can do some
advanced stuff with his data. (Say a real estate agent wants to go through
all of his Market evaulations he gets from his website)

So I need cocoon.. It is the perfect framework.

I download a binary.... do the samples war thing.. COOL look at this xml
form thingy.. way better functionality than i get with php.
ok... install the clean war...
hmmm... look at this empty sitemap (Which as a newbie, I am struggling with
as it is)
ok back to the samples..... ah xml form howto -- Perfect!!
oh. .. hmmmm ok
now i need to compile it with my form handler...
now I am using the source.

We end up here anyway.. lets skip all that crap...

See where I am going here? This is what (IMHO) most of new cocoon users are
like. We are experienced developers..... but chances are we won't be java
aware.... so the idea of two extra binaries will, i think slow down the time
it takes to get productive.

There is one point that keeps coming up in this thread.

Cocoon is not an app.
It is a framework.

Sorry for yapping so much on the dev-list, but i think this is really
important :)


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