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From "ivelin" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:40:10 GMT

> > Let me explain, maybe the goodwill will prevail.
> > Otherwise this will turn into another example of a sad finish of an
> > jorney.
> <snip/>
> I am sure goodwill is a main reason but some question come to my mind
> *) why don't you wanna share your thoughts with us and let us
>     (or at least some of us) together steer the direction of XMLForms?

Wrong assumption!
I always welcome feedback, comments and improvements, even if I don't agree
with some of them.

> *) how do you wanna contribute back? this might become harder as
>     we currently might think. the "standalone version" thing really
>     points that way.
> *) project and communication wise this might give an unwanted
>     perspective that XMLForm might not be maintained under the
>     cocoon umbrella anymore. not a good marketing...

I don't like hosting elsewhere either, but what are the options?

> *) why don't you go the scratchpad way?

Does this mean that in order for someone who wants to help with the
experimental code to build and run,
they will have to get and build the whole latest 2.1 HEAD? If so, then not a
good option.
Too many moving parts in 2.1., a lot of dependencies and coupling. I want to
focus on one thing at a time.
If we can dedicate a piece in scratchpad to build a module which can be
build and use on its own, then that's cool, I'll go for it.

> Is that the main reason for this - you wanna catch up with the XForms
> standard?

What do you mean?
Look at Chiba

> At least *I* honstely don't see a good reason for XMLForm becoming it's
> own Apache project - sorry.

Others disagree with you.
I have been asked numerous times via private emails, if it can be used
independently for smaller projects?
It can be cleanly isolated and interfaced with cocoon via some sort of
This only confirms the value and need for blocks.


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