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From "ivelin" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:27:07 GMT
> On 28/03/2003 5:22 Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> > What about creating an (experimental) branch for xmlform?

That would be nice.

> Exactly. Then again, Ivelin is looking into making XMLForm independent
> from Cocoon IIUC from the freebuilder CVS. I don't know whether a branch
> would liberate him sufficiently enough (which is if course not our

The goal is to be able to enhance this module without having to worry about
other moving parts of Cocoon.
A stable naked cocoon would work fine if there was one.
Perhabs when all the blocks clean up is finished that will be feasible.
Another option is to have a stable 2.1, which proved not realistic.

> W.r.t. legal things, I think Pier & Gianugu are right. Ivelin can do
> whatever he wants with the code, if he sticks a copy of our license,
> proper acknowledgements and the correct copyright holder onto the code.

Just did that. I did not mean to ignore or disrespect ASF or any of the
Let me know if the changes that I made in CVS are not sufficient.

> Code developed _outside_ this community always needs to go through
> explicit donation/copyright transfer before being able to be contributed
> to the Cocoon project. And it seems like Ivelin was taking this
> recontribution for granted.

Not taking anything for granted.
I've been around for a while and have a good idea how the community works.

> Anyhow, I would prefer the abundant references to Apache & Cocoon to be
> removed from that website. Being a committer means people trust you to
> work _inside_ a community, and one should not use his address
> to endorse personal endavours.

Changed the email address and removed some of the references.


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