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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject RE: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 07:25:47 GMT

> From: ivelin [] 
> Now, let's do some constructive talking.
> You probably remember the endless threads that were started 
> in the last few months regarding the complexity of Cocoon and 
> the fact that it continuously misses its release dates. I am 
> only refering to them to point out that not everything is 
> perfect around here.
> More specificly:
> As it stands XMLForm is way behind the XForms standards.
> It was about a year ago when Torsten, Konstantin, and I 
> invested a lot of time to bring to light the initial version 
> of what seems to be a significant improvement to Cocoon. 
> Since then it has been polished by many people and stabilized 
> somewhere around September last year. Ever since, I have been 
> planning to invest time into another major release which 
> would bring the module up to the latest standards. However 
> such an initiative will obviously require a lot of 
> discussions, trial, errors and rollbacks, I did not want to 
> jeopardize the 2.1 release which has been first planned for 
> release in November and has been postponed indefinitely ever 
> since. It is hard to not notice that C2.1 has been in the 
> "clean-up" stage forever. I understand that moving to a top 
> level domain is time consuming and it is very important for 
> the future of the project.

>From my point of view please don't move out the further development of
XMLForms from the Cocoon CVS. I think the Cocoon control flow would have
never become part of Cocoon if Ovidiu had created his own project ...
(but mayme I'm wrong here).

But there are also some other reasons to have the further development of
XMLForms within Cocoon:

  - there are many other parts of Cocoon which are changing (control
flow) or
    newly created - you can integrate them into XMLForms at once

  - you can freeze the current status of XMLForms for
    the upcoming Cocoon 2.1 distribution and put the new
    development in 

  - there are many developers and lurkers who have a look at cocoon-dev

  - XMLForms are an integral part of Cocoon (a framework within the
    framework) and should be developed by the community
    (what would you do if you make further developments within your
     sourceforge project and then you come back to Cocoon and ask
     for a vote to include it and your vote is not accepted because
     of some reasons e.g. incompatible changes, ...)

Only some thoughts of a XMLForms user ...

Best regards,

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