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From Gernot Koller <>
Subject Re: News from the Websphere 5.0 front
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 09:21:25 GMT
05-Feb-03 14:43:10, Pier Fumagalli <> wrote:

>"Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:
>> Gernot Koller wrote:
>>> 04-Feb-03 05:01:59, Vadim Gritsenko <> wrote:
>>>> Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>>>>> Y'all... Should we do a double fix to both Cocoon and Jetty at the same
>>>>> time?
>>>> If this is in regards to redirects... I think consensus is to implement
>>>> servlet spec in Cocoon, and don't rely on (buggy) engines like
>>>> websphere. It means, in HttpEnvironment sendRedirect method make
>>>> conversion from relative to absolute URLs.
>>> Ignoring, that Cocoon might then not run on engines like websphere ??
>> Should read: Ensuring that Cocoon will then work on engines like
>> websphere (and unpatched jetyy).
>Should mean: why in the friggin' world can't I _submit_ a patch to the
>WebSphere (or name your own commercial engine) when things are broken as I
>can do it with Tomcat/Jetty/Resin (name your own open-source engine)...

Well, I can. Hm, ok, not directly a patch, but representing a rather large company in
this matter and being officially involved in WebSphere 5.0EE Beta Testing Program
I definitly can submit a Bug-Report. And documenting that the bug violates
the J2EE Spec, I doubt that the Bug-Report will be ignored.

All I need is some runnable lines of code reproducing the bug and documenting why
we think this breaks the spec...

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