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From Michael Melhem <>
Subject sample web-app too complex?
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 12:33:30 GMT
Hi Cocooners,

I know that we probably have had this discussion before, but is there a
reason why we dont have simple "Hello-World" sample web-app along side
the current sample web-app? (or does there already exist an independent
"hello-world" web-app that Im not aware of?)

I have been trying to encourage some people I know to adopt Cocoon
in their organisations, but it seems to me that many new people are
daunted by the complexity of the sample web-app.  It might not seem so
difficult for most of us (who use cocoon everyday) but this is not the
case for most new users.

Typically a new Cocoon user is initially looking for a non-real world example to
tinker with so that they can learn the fundimental concepts behind Cocoon.
These people should not be concered with mounting sub-sitemaps, fancy
regexp matching and internal cocoon redirects, or sifting through hundreds of
component declerations in the components section. This tends to put new
users off.

Do others have an opinion on this ?


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