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From bob mcwhirter <>
Subject Re: problem with forehead
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 23:10:41 GMT
> I tried Classworlds and I found it incredibly slow. I tried to look into 
> the code to see why and I saw too many classloading and it does too many 
> things for the super-simple layer of classloading abstraction I wanted, 
> so I decided to write my own tiny one (took me half an hour). Since we 
> use it to run the servlet container with inside Cocoon (a total of 15mb 
> of java classes!!) classloading speed really isan issue for us, 
> expecially on development since you normally have to reload the 
> instances of Cocoon several times.

Just curios, but as a direct replacement for however you were
using forehead, was it slow?  Or just the uberjar functionality?
Uberjar is konwn to be slow in the current release, but Jason van Zyl
has improved its performance in CVS, I believe.

When used as a direct replacement for forehead, it should be
roughly comparable in speed.

> Anyway, many thanks for your support.

No problem.  I'll get the fix you need into forehead, which
you can certainly continue using if you wish.  


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