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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: [RT] what cocoon is doing wrong
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:09:37 GMT
First, Stefano, relax - I didn't want to attack you directly.
Don't assume that all my comments were hinting at something you did!

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> I'm doing refactoring because I want to release, not the opposite.
Dito and see comment above.

> Removing dependencies will improve our ability to REaO (Release Early
> and Often)

> > I would like to relax the policy a little bit to:
> > Never release a stable version that depends on non-released stuff (where
> > released version has to be at least stable in API).
> Ok, that's good enough.
> Also, I would add that we should not put code in HEAD that depends on a
> unreleased software that *NEVER* made a 1.0 release. This will keep the
> contracts shaped up.
Good point.

> Moving the SourceFactory to Avalon made a mess. This is what I'm mostly
> concerned at the moment. What is the status of this?
I personally don't see that it made a mess. Ok, but let's not argue about
that. The status is that the move is finished, the avalon version is stable
and can be released as 1.0 immediately - all parts in the core of Cocoon
are using the avalon version, and the old cocoon version is deprecated but
course still supported.

> > So, actually this is another point, sometimes even if we as a community
> > agree on something - someone does not know/care about this decission
> > and is doing what he things is best.
> I asked a vote for this and the lazy consensus was that libraries that
> depend on *ONE* block will go into the block/lib directory, the
> libraries shared by blocks will remain in /lib/optional.
a) see first two sentences, b) if so, I overlooked your vote then, but

> Did I overlook something?
we had a vote with a different result months ago. But opinions may change
over time.

> Do others believe that I acted on my personal behalf against community
> decisions?
What do you want to achieve with this question?


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