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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [Proposal] Splitting JDK dependent code [was: Re: Javac task design problems]
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:01:08 GMT
One solution to avoid filtering our java-code because of jdk-dependencies
is to separate this code into different source directories.
For example for the databases block that uses ant filtering we could
generate three directories:
blocks/databases/java - the common code
blocks/databases/java1.2 - the for JDK 1.2/1.3
blocks/databases/java1.4 - the for JDK 1.4 and

This is then similar to our libs directory.

This solution would not only remove the need of filtering but would also
make the source directly usable within your favorite IDE.

What do you think?


Carsten Ziegeler
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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