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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: That's it
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:18:59 GMT
"Matthew Langham" <> wrote:

> Don't worry - this is good news really :-).
> A few weeks ago you - the developers - voted me in to the Cocoon
> committer-world. Although somewhat sceptical I accepted proudly. Now I would
> like to give up being a committer - and as the PMC consists of committers -
> that also.
> The reason being that Cocoon is becoming too successfull! And to be honest -
> in the last couple of months - things have gone through the roof.
> Since we started out working with and on Cocoon (nearly 3 years ago now) we
> have seen Cocoon grow to become what can now be called a real success. This
> has lead to my role at S&N changing into a more managerial position. I am
> becoming something of a "Commercial Open Source Manager" (an interesting
> tightrope to walk) with lots of exciting work (much of which I can't yet
> talk about). Look out for some interesting announcements from the commercial
> arena in the next few months though.
> Carsten is still "our man in Cocoon" and therefore we will not really be
> reducing our role. But I feel that if you are a committer - you should
> commit. And this is something I will not be able to do in the near future.
> Not in the original sense anyway.
> But I will still be here in the community.
> Matthew

Matthew... We were talking about PMCs and committer roles and
responsibilities for _a_long_ time on several lists on Jakarta, and it
always struck me how they do not understand that being a committer is not
only a privilege, but first a responsibility towards the Apache Software

What you are saying here strikes me as the _exact_opposite_ as what the
Jakartans think, responsibilities first, right then.

Your email makes me feel that _this_ community is _the_one_ I want to be
involved with, it makes me feel proud of being a part of it.

High respect for you, and although it's sad to see a person leave your
attitude as you show it right now will make me blindfully give you a big +1
and a welcome back whenever you decide to return.


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