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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Subrequesting the sitemap with the flow...
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:18:22 GMT
I have a small addition to the flow, if you might... It's called

Basically, my "problem" is that, sometimes, using the flow, I want to save
the output of a given Cocoon URL to an OutputStream. This might happen
because I have a MimeSerializer which outputs the result of a pipeline in
MIME format (suitable to be transmitted with SMTP), or because I have
something that I want to save to disk, but at the same time, have something
else to deliver to the Client (ok, it's 2 AM and I'm having troubles
explaining what I _need_ to be doing, Stefano, as we talked about it, care
to explain with your extreme conciseness and better english?)

So, roughly, the target of it, is to be able to save the output of a Cocoon
pipeline, to a given outputstream, while, at the same time, serving the flow
to the client... (Ok, this seems clearer)...

I worked on a patch allowing to do this, and before I actually put it in
CVS, I would like to have you folks to review it, as it's a quite big step
in the direction of having multiple outputs for a pipeline, although it's
just few lines of patch...

It is attached, and it's in its very rough format, it just _WORKS_, it isn't
anyhow supposed to be doing much...

Attached, also, there's my little test sub-sitemap, just put it in your
webapp dir under "/test/" and try it out: when you request
"http://localhost:8080/test/" with your browser, it will display a nice
"Hello world" in your browser, but at the same time, it will save it in

Let me know... Right now I'm way too confused to make any sense to myself as
well! :-) :-) :-) Tomorrow is another day!


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