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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [OT rant] there must be some way out of here...
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 17:14:41 GMT
"Gianugo Rabellino" <> wrote:

> Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> Well, you know where my native code for the connector is :-) Right now, my
>> suggestion is: use Jetty and proxy-pass HTTP requests through Apache :-) In
>> the long-ish term, we'll see! :-) :-)
> This is where I'm heading now, and this is where I want to work in the
> future. I think that a major addition to cocoon scalability (agreed, not
> for webapps) would be a complete proxy-friendly support, including
> etags, 304 and proxy request headers (if-modified-since, if-none-match
> and the like). As of now we have cloned only the mod_expires
> functionality (which proved to be a major performance boost in some
> cases), but there's a long way to go before reaching Nirvana of
> proxy-friendliness.

Well, remember that now in Apache 2.0 mod_proxy and mod_cache are separated,
so, if you achieve proxy "full support" using HTTP, you'll be able to simply
replace the HTTP proxying module with something (Better? Faster? Is it
really needed?), and keep all that caching magic working at the same time...

The only case where I see something different from mod_proxy to be used
would be in the case when you really need a lot of thrughput, and so you can
use things like shared memory and unix sockets/pipes between Apache and
Cocoon to basically avoid the re-parsing of the HTTP protocol and be as
close to the client as possible (a some sort of mod_cocoon)...

But of course that approach would mean having the Java code to rely on
something native, with the rather-obvious problems of portability and
maintainance... Quite complicated indeed... It wouldn't be 100% pure java

That's why (alongside with time constraints) I'm hesitant...


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