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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [OT rant] there must be some way out of here...
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 16:35:53 GMT
"Stefano Mazzocchi" <> wrote:
> ...there's too much confusion here, I can't get no relief.
> Besides quoting Bob Dylan, I'm *PISSED OFF* since I've spent the entire
> day trying to get Apache 2.0.x + Tomcat *.* working on Solaris and I
> decided to throw everything down the drain.
> I'll never use Tomcat again. Period. The phylosophy behind it (big
> servlet engine, light http stack on top) is plain wrong.

Well, why do you think I left that project??? :-)

> mod_jserv is not supported anymore. :(

Poor baby of mine! :-)

> mod_jk is piece of [insert your favorite nasty word here] (who is the
> genious that invented the concept that the servlet engine should
> generate the configuration file for the web server module?).

Do you want a name now? Nah, we don't want to start a flamewar (again).

> mod_jk2 is even worse (who invented its configuration format must think
> in sanscrit and never heard of virtual hosts).

Hahahahaha! :-) Old  Egyptian is easier :-)

> mod_webapp (which is the only *human* one) is dead.

My baby part 2... I know, it was sad to "leave it behind", but consciously,
it couldn't have been integrated in the Tomcat stack anyway: I would have
had to rewrite major parts of the Tomcat internals to make it work

> Tomcat is getting bigger and slower every day and must do only one
> stupid thing (connect a URI to a servlet, dah!) that we were able to do
> in jserv with some 120Kb of java code. Talking about flexibility
> syndrome.

Well, Jetty does what Tomcat does in 1/2 a meg, it is faster, and yeah,
there are some bugs, but the people behind it are nice (well, you've met
Greg yourself, and he's a great guy).

Once we get some incompliancy issues sorted out. You have to admit that
Cocoon uses 101% of the servlet container, so stuff like deployment under
"/" (being the default servlet) is not something that everyone does.

Once we sort out all the issues, and have Jetty working for us, IMO, we're
going to have a very workable solution.

> Hello? we already have a damn good web server!!! just because
> you can't configure it doesn't mean you have to rewrite one from
> scratch. get a life.

Yes, indeed, Apache is _da_ webserver... I wouldn't run even my 2-hits/month
of my home page without it... It's just its design
(multi-process/multi-thread) which makes so much sense... You CAN'T crash

On nagoya, to connect Tomcat and Apache I use mod_proxy which works just
_fine_, and really, you don't need much more unless you don't start having a
_shuvload_ of requests...

I see a connector != from mod_proxy only when you'll need to go down to
native to get performance out of it... But that's a choice you have to
carefully evaluate...

> Its connectors win the nobel price for cryptic configuration files and
> absent documentation (the first who says that cocoon docs sucks will
> have to figure out how to compile tomcat and connectors from source
> before being allowed to speak again)


> Moreover, there are *three* different tomcat implementations
> concurrently maintained.

Err... There are 4 implementations... 3.3, 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0 :-)

> I'm sick of this.
> And I'm not alone.
> Enough talking, expect action.
> Soon.

Well, you know where my native code for the connector is :-) Right now, my
suggestion is: use Jetty and proxy-pass HTTP requests through Apache :-) In
the long-ish term, we'll see! :-) :-)


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