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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: News from the Websphere 5.0 front
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 14:18:32 GMT
"Christian Haul" <> wrote:

> On 03.Feb.2003 -- 01:55 PM, Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> "Gernot Koller" <> wrote:
>>>  <map:match pattern="documents/index">
>>>     <map:redirect-to uri="{request:contextPath}/documents/index.html"/>
>>> seems to fix most of these problems.
>>> Still it's probably not the most elegant solution, is it ?
>> Nope... But Jetty had the same problem... It's not a problem within Cocoon,
>> it's a problem within WebSphere. In Jetty we patched it (in CVS right now).
> Speaking of jetty: In jetty request.getServletPath() returns an empty
> string. Is that a bug or a feature?

It is (IMO) the correct interpretation of the specification. If a servlet is
mapped to all, as Cocoon does, then also ("/") is part of the path info, and
therefore getServletPath (in my opinion) should be empty...

What does Tomcat do? Does it return "/" or ""????


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