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From Martin Holz <>
Subject Re: The new build system
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:40:21 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi <> writes:

> The new build system has landed on CVS.
>   read BUILD.txt
>   cp
>   cp
>   [modify the local copies as you like, leaving the original intact]
>   build webapp [this will generate the webapp]

Does overriding boolean properties work? If I set
in a target like 

<target name="prepare-webapp-samples" depends="package-samples" unless="exclude.webapp.samples">

won't be executed. "unless" does not test, if the variable has the value of "true" or "false".
It tests, if the value is defined.  At least, that's what the documentation for 
ant 1.5 says.

The only way to execute the target is removing the definition from
and The result will be failed build, but that's a other story.


P.S : Improving the build system is  really worth some temporary inconvenience. Thank you
very much.

Martin Holz     <>

Softwareentwicklung / Vernetztes Studium - Chemie
Franklinstrasse 11
D-10587 Berlin      

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